Project capabilities

01. Workshop

Initial kickoff workshop with stakeholders, planning key topics and direction.

02. Research

Research goals & scope, audience segmentation and recruitment, test design.

03. User testing

Remote user testing, annotation, insights & persona creation.

04. Strategy & IA

Page flow, user journey mapping, persona optimisation and IA per-page fields & API calls.

05. Wires & Design

Research goals & scope, audience segmentation and recruitment, test design.

06. Interaction

Inter-page and micro interactions, animation & responsive component design.

Chapter 1

The Brief

As one of the tentpole names in the recruitment CRM’s, JobAdder need no introduction – an industry that requires highly technical and customisable functionality, and a virtually infinite breadth of integrations and features, whilst also needing to be intuitive, simple and pleasurable to use for recruiters at any level of proficiency.

The brief was simple and clear:

  • UX / User research for a baseline of usage, needs and opportunities for growth
  • Define personas – establishing their goals, needs, and usage of the platform
  • Reshape branding to feel more bespoke, user-friendly
  • Simplify website flows, highlighting most used and unique features
Chapter 2



  • Widely known by nearly all recruitment agencies
  • Also used by smaller agencies, but with less focus on add-ons and integrations
  • Tells’, rather than ‘shows’
  • Doesn’t show ‘how’ it will fix issues for recruiter or candidate


  • Utilised across the board by agencies of all sizes agencies
  • Considered medium-sized in the space
  • Hidden pricing seen as a deliberate, tactical decision
  • Focus on volume over quality candidates
  • The platform is FAST – not promoted enough!

The research was a qualitative series of interviews sourced from 5 Australian recruitment agencies –  from boutique to national established corporates.

Working alongside the client, we liaised with a broad range of recruiters – and more importantly, with different styles and levels of software automation.


Usage of software, systems & automations


Perception and sentiment of the brand and product suite


How efficient & intuitive the product works for common tasks


What other needs within the role and wider industry need addressing


Further investigation into the environments of recruiters in the form of both relatable, personable interviews as well as usability and perception activities revealed a vast array of responses to JobAdder’s platform, and on further digging, their brand voice.

General insight

Loved by larger agencies, but disliked by many boutiques

General view

Smaller agencies frustrated by lack of customisation

Internal perspective

JobAdder viewed themselves as medium-sized, bespoke

From this, our advice was that they could focus on the current existing audience, or pivot.

Option A | Consolidate

Embracing the larger corporate agencies’ positioning and move forward solely as a bulk recruitment platform. This would mean a clearer product roadmap, cutting back on support & ticket count, as well as simpler pricing tiers.

 – or – 

Option B | Pivot

Catering to the smaller audiences – who, despite being significantly smaller in staff count, were highly numerous, and represented a significant percentage of the pie as a whole.

This meant folding in boutiques agencies as a new and major persona type into the user flows, addressing their unique needs & requirements.

Chapter 3


Streamlined navigation

Targeted personas personas

While there is one end product to be sold – each agency works differently, prioritises different features, and needs to know the platform will work for them.

1. Agency Personas
2. Floated features

Floated pages & articles are one of the best ways putting the right content in front of the right user, especially in the top nav, where users are specifically searching and exploring for tailored content.

Stylised UI displays

Showing the workings

Considerable users remarked that there weren’t enough visuals showing how the platform works.

Based on this feedback, far more stylised elements show off the platform & its features, designed by WolfKing and  JobAdders’ internal creative team.

Far more illustrations, displays  & animations utilised throughout the site showing the functionality, flexibility & ease of use.

Simplified UI illustrations provided by external agencies as part of JobAdder’s brand refresh.


Creative branding 

As part of JobAdder’s rebrand, which was running in parallel with the site redesign, branded elements were created by Dave King’s team at WolfKing.

One of the elements that really stood out were the hand designs – these were a great unique visual mix of bespoke personality, and unique branding, highlighting JobAdder’s simplicity of use. Our recommendation was to push farther in this direction, and create 12-15 separate iterations of these gestures for use across all collateral.

Hand illustrations provided by WolfKing, as part of JobAdder’s brand refresh.

Hand illustrations provided by WolfKing, as part of JobAdder’s brand refresh.

Hand illustrations provided by WolfKing, as part of JobAdder’s brand refresh.

Chapter 4


From simplified user flows, unified branding across all collateral, and an internal and externally-aligned understanding of their brand positioning and direction, JobAdder truly did move into another league, establishing themselves as the market leaders in the recruitment space.

2003 SaaS awards

Best SaaS Product for Recruitment was awarded to JobAdder in the SaaS Awards’ 8th annual event.

Faster responses

Far more uptake of demo requests and customer engagement, increasing sales, market share and brand authority. 

Greater user experience

From site use, to user feedback based on the research, users love how flexible and adaptive JobAdder has been for their agency. 

Stronger brand presence

Unified visual and tonal marketing across the site and other collateral shows the top-tier level of JobAdder’s product platform & support team. 

"Job Adder’s online presence is one that curates a user experience that truly resonates with the two target audiences, converting aspirations into appealing solutions – no matter where they happen to be."

Ben McIntyre, BJM Digital

“It’s brilliant because the rate at which JobAdder innovates and provides new releases is fantastic."

Craig Bagshaw, 3x Partners