Project capabilities

01. Workshop

Initial kickoff workshop with stakeholders, planning key topics and direction.

02. Research

Research goals & scope, audience segmentation and recruitment, test design.

03. User testing

Remote user testing, annotation, insights & persona creation.

04. Strategy & IA

Page flow, user journey mapping, persona optimisation and IA per-page fields & API calls.

05. Wires & Design

Research goals & scope, audience segmentation and recruitment, test design.

06. Interaction

Inter-page and micro interactions, animation & responsive component design.

Chapter 1

The Brief

NOW Finance's 'Get My Rate' (GMR) Application flow was the second half of a 2-phase project seeking to rebrand and significantly increase both their brand presence and best-in-class UX in Australia's highly competitive small-medium-sized loan space.

This project was undertaken during my time at Melbourne's premium Web Design Agency BJM Digital.

  • Phased site rollouts
  • Step up brand presence
  • Platform UX
  • Increase conversions
  • Phase 1: Site reskin
  • Phase 2: Full site redesign
  • ‘Get my Rate’ platform UX & redesign
Chapter 2


The research component of the project was a partnership between BJM Digital, NOW Finance and Australian recruitment and testing platform Testmate.

Working alongside the client, we created 3 separate high-fidelity flows that compared NOWFinance’s existing application flow against 2 of Australia’s leading loan brands.

The flows tested:


Perceived clarity of the user journey


How prepared users felt: before, during and after application


Perception and sentiment of each of the providers


Tone, felt trustworthiness and brevity vs informing

The insights were surprising to say the least.

From gender-specific behaviours, to a desire to long form copy, many preliminary designs had to be reconsidered:

Gender-specific search behaviour

Trustworthiness increased with high-bar requirements & legalese

Orientation and expectation lacking for all loan providers.

Lean into the legalese. While putting in a concerted effort to make the actual tone more approachable, we wanted to live out the adage ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’, there was no point in stripping the copy back if it was a major point of trustworthiness.

  • Keep the requirements, change the tone;
  • Onboarding: set the expectation, ask for the essentials.
  • Zhuzh-up the visual style & brand identity.
  • Language / copy:
    • too heavy
    • impersonal
    • arduous
    • demanding without reasons or payoff given
Chapter 3



Clarify flow

As lack of clarity for next steps was nearly universal for adopters, setting clear steps was highest priority.

1. Highlighting benefits

Previously lost to many applicants, one of the biggest benefits of NOW Finance’s product offering was no fees, and no unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. This was placed first thing.

2. Settting expectations

The clarity and simplicity at each stage of the applicant’s journey meant the application process was measurably quicker, and felt faster on average from the site statistics and feedback.

Despite the total form fields being more numerous.

3. Adding security assets

Previous applicants showed uncertainty around ‘Security Assets’,  assuming it was an added security for their loan, rather than them needing to provide a security asset to lower their interest rate or payment term.

Clarifying this before reaching this stage significantly lowered confusion.

1. Highlight benefits
2. Setting expectation
3. Adding security assets
Loan summary card

Clarify flow

As lack of clarity for next steps was nearly universal for adopters, setting clear steps was highest priority.

1. Full-sized card

The Loan Summary Card is a full-detailed, quick-reference card presented to the user on both the Loan presentation page, also the top of the following Loan application page.

As users are often presented with a large volume of information, it’s easy to miss important details, so considerable time was dedicated to keeping the info presentable, sectioned, memorable, and editable.

  • Loan type & amount
  • Payment period
  • Repayment frequency
  • quick-edit option
  • Security status
  • and Edit shortcut

2. sticky bar on scroll

On scroll, the card contracts to maximise screen real estate, and becomes sticky so users always know what loan they’re applying for and where they are in the process.

It has all the functionality of the full-sized card, with the addition of API-driven progress steps.

The steps are filled once all fields in a section are checked and confirmed from the back end.

1. Full-size card
2. Contracted top bar
Chapter 4


  • Onboarding: Setting expectation
  • Leaning into heavier copy
  • Clearer progress steps
  • Loan status bar:
    • compact and expanded
    • Progress steps
    • Editability

Full brand rollout

Full Braze integration & tracking

Optimised user and application flows

Custom animated brand elements

Streamlined navigation

In summary
Double completed loans

Twice the average loan applications were completed by the second month alone, and continue to rise. 

Faster responses

Because of the clearer pathway, more applications were submitted, paying for the cost of the project in around 10 days. 

True Power

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Stronger brand presence

Ut elit tellus, luctus nec magna mattis et, pulvinar dapibus lorem leo ultricies et vitae enim.

Probably the smoothest loan process i’ve ever experienced. So easy to deal with, online platforms were easy to use and everything just worked. Customer service were really fast to respond to emails. From initial application to settlement took only 3 business days. Very impressed!

Loan applicant, 10 December 2022

Such a fantastic and quick process

Loan applicant, 05 May 2022

My load application was so easy

Loan applicant, 02 August 2023