Signal app as come along in leaps and bounds, but there are always a few things that could be improved and expanded upon.

Group events are a real pain point:

  • often getting lost in the chatter
  • Not visible to new members
  • Additional details missed if not bundled together in a single message.

This solution for the Signal app solves all of these.

Feature flow

native Signal drawer item
native Signal editor window
Event image avatar w/ default icon
Title field
Direct action to create group instantly
Single-thumb-friendly time picker
Scrolls-up on tap
In-window calendar picker
Scrolls-up & down on tap
1. Autocomplete Google location
2. ‘Open in’ link
1. Expanded, highlighted
2. Expanded (click to contract)
3. Contracted (click to expand)
Edit buttons (admins only)

Frame flow

Clickable prototype

Click anywhere in the frame  →

F – Fullscreen
R – restart
LR – cycle through the frames

Considerations for a seamless fit into an existing environment include:

Screen space

Designing a component that fits into the wider frame without distracting – or disappearing – into the larger picture


Giving cues and courses of action to edit event details such as time, location & attendees.

Touch area

Keeping things intuitive & usable, factoring in the right placement on the frame, acknowledging current UX design standards.

Detail clustering

Showing the right amount of detail without overwhelming, while using the right affordances and cues to indicate all that’s under the hood.